The Kok-Gumbaz Madrasah in Istaravshan

The Kok-Gumbaz Madrasah (16th century). If you look at the city from above, you can see the blue mosque of the Kok-Gumbaz madrasah on it. It is located in the western part of the city and is known as the Golden Dome (Kok-Gumbaz in Russian). This 16th century building was erected at the initiative of Abdulatif Sultan, son of the famous scientist-astronomer and philosopher Ulugbek, grandson of Amir Timur.

The famous legend about the construction of the Kok-Gumbaz says that Abdulatif had quarreled with his father, left his parents’ home, and found an old farmer to dig a well to irrigate a well. He had to get 100 tenge for this. The father understood this, and earnestly earned money from the farmer, added it to them, and financed the madrasah. Even after three centuries, by the end of the 19th century, students were studying in madrassa.

The main building of Kok-Gumbaz is made of square brick. The large square hall is enlarged with four deep links. Nigora is decorated with a love sculpture. The walls here are beautifully painted.

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