Development of handicrafts and tourism

Development of handicrafts and tourism

December 16 at the State College of Fine Arts with the participation of Head of Tourism Development Department of LSG of the city Sadullo Mahkamov, director of the institution Nasriddin Khojaev, teachers and students Scientific and theoretical conference “2019-2021 Years of Rural Development, Tourism and Crafts in Tajikistan”. was held.
For the first time in the courtyard of the CRD the students were shown the show. Then, in the Russian language class, Nasriddin Khojaev and teachers made presentations on various topics. For example, Professor Munim Hasanov on “Tajikistan’s Membership in the World Trade Organization as a Factor of Tourism Development in the Country”, Candidate of Science Mathematics Izzatullo Juraev on “Profitable Tourism”, Russian Language Ravshanoy Safarova, “Role of Russian Language in Tourism” Narodny Shodieva, designer Nigora Shodieva read a report on the theme “Clothing is a sign of national culture” and a book by Farzona Shodieva.

At the scientific and theoretical conference it was noted that in Istaravshan this year 31818 tourists (out of them 2446 foreign tourists) visited.

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