Day of Corruption

In honor of this day at the Gymnasium # 1 in Istaravshan city, a conference was held with the participation of representatives of city education departments, teachers of law and educational institutions.
Director of Gymnasium # 1 M. Saidakhmedov, the deputy head of education Akmal Ahrorov, teacher Umedzhon Nurulloev and students of the Gymnasium said that the problems of corruption are of concern to the international community today. After all, it impedes the progress of the economy, the well-being of different sections of the population, the implementation and implementation of human and civil rights and freedoms, the rise of the authority and prestige of the state and the system of peace and stability. Corruption undermines well-being in the community and jeopardizes statehood, the highest form of nation existence.
Therefore, each one of us is obliged to make a significant contribution to the significant reduction of this undesirable phenomenon.
During the conference, gymnasium students showed interesting performances on the subject.

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