Guli surkh


Surgery of the Guli Surkh

Sughd region Sughd region


Guli Surkh Surch was founded in 1930. The area of jamia is 76,910 sq.m, the population of jamia for 01.01.2017 makes 44712 ​​ one million.

Including men 22579

Women – 22,133 persons.

Population size with education “Higher education” is 1489 people, secondary professional education (technical school) of 1956 people, the general secondary education 7821 persons, 916 36 years without education of 79 people.

In the country there are 17123 able-bodied, including 5110 people, 6210 unemployed, 2984 of the pensioner.


Tajiks – 40,138 people – 83%

The Uzbek – 4524 people – 16.7%

50% of Russians live in 0.3%.


In jamia of 8319 hectares of agricultural holdings.

Agricultural communities of Fermat generally for gardening and silkworm breeding. is engaged.

The area of gardens and vineyards is 1072.3 hectares, and vineyards – 50.4 hectares that makes 2376 hectares of an arable land, including 546.8 hectares of the irrigated lands and 1829.2 hectares the bogarnykh of lands.

In the territory of jamia of 1022 cooperative, family and individual Dehkan farms.

In 2017 the economy is going to put 90 hectares of wheat on 110 hectares of oil-bearing crops.


In rural jamia there are radio stations – 686, communication units – 1 point. The number of workers and employees in the communication block – 1 person, the average salary – 580 somoni.


In jamia there are no organizations of primary professional education, at high school of 11 objects.

The total number of students makes 7699 people from 415 students.

From them 352 persons with the higher education, 53 with secondary vocational education, 35 ​​ needing teachers, the average salary of 580 somoni.


In the territory of jamia there are 1 recreation center, 4 libraries, book fund 19726 years, there are no music schools.


In jamia of 5 houses of health, 3 centers of health, 3 medical staff, 44712 ​​ person. 31 of them have secondary vocational education, 7 – the highest.

In jamia of 45 drugstores.


In the territory of jamia of 13 volleyball fields, 8 units for basketball, 9 units in TKMU.

In jamia of 16 dear people.

  1. Karimov Azimov – the Supreme Council of the Supreme Council
  2. Dodoyeva Salomat is the Honoured worker of the republic

Chodiev Hakeem is the deputy of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Tajikistan.

  1. Yura Boboyev is a Honored gardener.
  2. Sharipov Kabulyon is the regional representative.
  3. Homidov A’zam is a national teacher by training.
  4. Komilova Muazzama – the Tile.
  5. Jesus Maksudov – background of national education
  6. Usmonov Boltakul is the veteran of work.
  7. Olimov Musodzhon is a businessman.
  8. Dodo Kobilov is the regional representative.
  9. To jotas Dzhumayev is the President of the International Soldiers.
  10. Gadoiboyev Sharif is the regional representative.
  11. The Mirzoa Shakhobov is a Veteran.
  12. Talib Vokhidov is a veteran.
  13. To huts Azamkulov is a veteran.

Order of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan

“About organization of department of regulation, traditions, holidays and rituals.

The decree of the chairman of jamia Red Babble of February 15, 2016 No. 11 21 the member and one chief specialist on regulation and celebration of jamia organized 388 marriages and 148 trimmings, 131 death, 62 ceremonies, 11 ceremonies,


Mavlana Usmoni Charkhi – the Chemical Fayzulloyev Akhliddin Hayrat line.

Mosque of the Sari Mazor-Yim Hatibov Gaibullo Ibodulloyevich.

Communal mosque – Bring down – имомхомиб Vosidov Mustafokul.


  1. Thesis – Sunatulloyev of X.
  2. Bogaloniya – Pulotov Toshkhodzha.
  3. Persons – Mulloyev Nosirdzhon.
  4. Oil industry workers – Hakimov Nosirdzhon
  5. Toshbek – Temurov Akobir.
  6. Shonatonoshon – Bakoyev Firdavs
  7. Yassi-1 махалля – Dzhumayev Komil.
  8. Yassi-2 махалля – Hudoyberdi Karimov
  9. Sanatorium 1-2 Hudoyshukurov of Kakhrberdi
  10. Sanatorium 3 – Mahmoud Olimov.
  11. The stone head – Shukrullo Siddikov.
  12. Bobotoga-2 – Nasrullo Habibulloyev.
  13. Zarnisor – Mazbutov, Hurshed.

Deputy of People’s Deputies of the Sughd region of Offenses Kabilov.

Deputies of deputies of Majlis of Istaravshan.

  1. Abdusattor Kadyrov.
  2. Makhmudov Abdukakhkhor.
  3. Khalimov Ragimov.
  4. Mahmoud Kosimov

In the spring and in the fall Fall Dzhamoat plans 46 people, 100% of young people are hired in National army.

In Dzhamoat and the Territory work is carried out according to requirements of the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan “About Self-government Institutions of Settlements and Villages” and other legal acts of the Republic of Tajikistan.

In 2016 in the territory of jamia 17 crimes and crimes committed by citizens were registered.