Passport of self-government institutions of the settlement or village 

Javkandak-city Istaravshan for 2017

Self-government institutions of settlements and villages of the village of Dzhavavkan of the city of Istaravshan were created in 1990 on the basis of the decision of Majlisi Oly of the Republic of Tajikistan of 14.12.1990. The total area of community is 2960 sq.km, the population – 10862 persons, including men – 5366, women – 5496 people.

Population size with the higher education is 600 people, with secondary professional education of 450 people and with secondary education – 3803 persons without education.

There are 5553 able-bodied people, including 4050 people, 8 international participants and 5 members of the constitution.

Number of villages 6: Dzhavakkanak, There, Shurak, Kalla Mekhtar, Pozhindak and Kalachaach Bakavul, including 10,055 ethnic Uzbeks, 7 Uzbeks. In the territory of jamia the following enterprises, the organizations, organizations work:


There is one enterprise of the flour-grinding enterprise “Mardon”, 3 gas stations and 3 points of technical maintenance.


In the rural zone the population generally is engaged in the agricultural industry. They generally are engaged in vegetables and potatoes. The total number of farms makes 2800 people, these are 6 collective farms, 180 Dehkan farms. Scot made 2500 heads.


In rural community 500 cars, including 30 trucks, 200 cars, 11 tractors are registered.


In the settlement there are three high schools No. 30, 47, 49 and gymnasium No. 3 at which 2398 pupils study. In 2013 with assistance of the executive authority of the Sughd region and the city of Istaravshan new high school No. 30 of the village There of A. Sattori was put in operation. These schools of jamia train 135 teachers, including 100 with the higher education and 35 with secondary professional education. In the territory of rural community there are 4 sports grounds and 3 gyms.


In rural community there are one club and two centralized libraries in which 15,000 scientific and popular books on art in which two heads of library work work. In the rural settlement there is a cinema hall.


In the settlement there is a center of health Dzhavakanak, two houses of health in the village Kali Metar and Kalachaach Bakavul where 10 doctors work and work. During 2016 was born 301 persons, 106 we were married, 51 it is registered. Marip Zaripov heads an agricultural community.