The lower Dzhamoat is formed by the Resolution of the Supreme Council of the Tajik SSR of January 27, 1977 No. 504.

The total area of agricultural communities is 5554 hectares.

The population of jamia as of 01.01.2017 makes 11176 people, including: men – 5703 persons, women – 5473 persons.

Population size by training: the highest – 376, secondary professional education – 683, the general secondary education – 5238, the basic (9 years) – 97, education – 27.

The number of able-bodied population – 5387 people, from them – 4492 persons, temporarily jobless – 897 people, pensioners – 883 persons.

Ethnic Tajiks – 178, Uzbeks – 10,995 and 3 other ethnoses live in Tajikistan.


There are 4811 hectares of agricultural holdings, including 1288 hectares of an arable land, 980 hectares of the earth, 1548 hectares of pastures, 790 hectares of forest lands, including: 126 hectares of gardens, 653 hectares of vineyards, 11 hectares of a mulberry.

Now in community there are 1288 operating farms. In 2016 in the agricultural industry of community there are 1171 hectares of grain from whom 736 hectares are arable lands. 6.8 hectares of potatoes, 72 hectares of vegetables, 68 hectares of melons and 26 hectares of corn were used. In 2016 it was put 21 hectares of vineyards.

In a household of jamias of 1800 heads of cattle makes 170 heads, 101 heads of small cattle, 8 heads. The museum does not pay 200 somoni.

In jamia of 429 hectares of nonagricultural lands belong to citizens whose 50% are made by water.


Roads of nation-wide value – 6 km, local – 29.2 km, 12.7 km of the road are closed.

The community Nijión of community includes providing telecommunication services, such as long distance telephone communication and cable communication. The public also does not use cellular networks, such as Tcell, Babilon, MLT and Beeline. In the residential district Nidzhi work republican TV and radio programs, including “Network”, Safin, Yakhonnomo, “Bakhoris tone”, Sukhpakhpaksky district.

The number of working is 8 people, and their medical care costs 400 somoni. The population of the Nizhny Novgorod jamia Istaravshan has no access to drinking water. The population depends on unstable water. In the self-sufficient area


In the subdistrict of 3 – 210 preschool educational institutions in which 2645 pupils, 210 teachers, from them 191 persons study.


In community lower, We well feel – now in each club on one. The salary does not exceed 400 somoni.


In jamia 1 municipal service renders 1 central hospital, 1 station, 1 drugstore, 1 maternity hospital and 2 sanatoria “Havatag”. Advantage for health (1 on 10,000) 5 people. Delivery of offers (1 bed on 10000) 40 pieces.


In jamia there is 1 agricultural hall, 8 playgrounds. There is no uniform provincial answer. Republican or international athletes also became famous.

In the famous local community of Dzhamolov Sabokhat is heroic and socialist.

In the Nizhny Novgorod jamias the Commission on protection of the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan of “About Regulated Nuances” was created.

The budget of CommunityConfidential Budget for 2017 126631 Number of its execution in 2015 makes 106,111 somoni.

In 2016 the number of the registered births in the district made 107, births there were 270, and 50 death.

In 2017 156 citizens from communities of a nidzidza were moved to other countries.

In the Lower jamia 883 beneficiaries and 404 recipients of the public assistance.

PDPT, CPT, APT function in all dzhidoat of Nijian. 13,460 somoni were returned in national newspapers of the Republic of Tajikistan in 2017.

In jamia 4 mosques and 5 mosques according to the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan “About Liberty of Conscience”.

  1. Mosque “Istiklol” имомохмат Usmonov
  2. “Imam”, center mosque “Markaz”
  3. Mosque “Darvoza” of an imamkhatib of Ziyeev
  4. Soy mosque of the soy imamkhat of Nematov

The representative international the cities of Istaravshan Rustamov, Ruzikul Narzulloyevich, Mukhtorova, Matlubam, Organization of the constituencies in the district and also created in the district of constituencies.

The youth plan of support of youth was provided by Armed forces.

Compliance with law of the Republic of Tajikistan in community.

Chairman of jamia Niçoni R.Rustamzoda